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In response to overwhelming interest in the ongoing Patient-Oriented Research Grants Competition, the Newfoundland and Labrador SUpport for Patient-Oriented Research and Trials Unit (NL SUPPORT) is pleased to extend the deadline for applications from December 15th until January 31st, 2016 to offer interested researchers the extra time to get their applications in order.  



The webcast of HEALTHFORUM 2015, the October 27th provincial discussion and debate on health and healthcare is now available for viewing on our website


Seven research projects have been awarded a total of $122,000 under the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research (NLCAHR) Awards Program. NLCAHR funds research that aligns with the Centre’s mandate: to meet the challenges of population health and health services in Newfoundland and Labrador; to address health promotion and wellness; and to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the provincial health system.  Thirty applicants submitted proposals to this year’s program.  They included Master’s students, Doctoral candidates, and faculty researchers from a range of disciplines who are either developing or proposing applied health research projects.  We extend our sincere thanks to all who applied and to the peer reviewers who assessed their applications. 


2014-2015 Annual Report

It's all about engagement. Researchers, community stakeholders, and health system partners work with NLCAHR every day to tackle the challenges of our health system head-on.  

This year’s annual report "The Story of the Year" provides ample evidence of the ways in which this work is being done.  In reflecting on the stories of the past year, engagement certainly emerged as the dominant theme.  Every day, the Centre is fully engaged with its partners in health research collaboration, whether by consulting on research projects under the Contextualized Health Research Synthesis Program (CHRSP), building bridges to connect community stakeholders and research partners through our Research Exchange Groups, or helping applied health researchers to access funding from a variety of sources, including the awards programs we administer.