Updated Evidence on Rural Dialysis

Research Question

The Contextualized Health Research Synthesis Program produced a 2008 Evidence in Context Reporton rural dialysis that posed the following:

In meeting the needs for dialysis services in rural and remote populations, what are the differences among the available treatment options with regards to efficacy/effectiveness, cost, acceptability, and feasibility in Newfoundland and Labrador?”

The report found no persuasive evidence to suggest that any of the available modalities of dialysis service, including peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, is either more or less appropriate for either clinical or economic reasons in rural or remote populations in this province. Both types of dialysis are, in fact, complementary forms of renal replacement therapy, and home-based therapies were recommended as the primary option for rural and remote service provision.

In late 2012, we conducted a review to confirm that the findings of our 2008 study remain both current and relevant.  The updated evidence review identified no research indicating that findings presented in our original 2008 report are inaccurate or out of date.



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