The Health Impacts of Fracking

The Research Exchange Group on the Health Impacts of Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) was established in February, 2015 to build research capacity in Newfoundland and Labrador on this  public health issue.

Group Activities

The group prepared presentations to the NLHRFP (The NL Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel) in 2015. After consultation with stakeholders from across the province, the NLHFRP issued its final report in May 2016.  The report can be found here:


The research group on the health impacts of fracking included university researchers, health professionals, decision makers, citizens and community group representatives who share a common interest in research into the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, particularly the potential health effects of this activity on community health in Western Newfoundland and Labrador. 


At its inaugural meeting on February 27, 2015, the group agreed to pursue the following objectives:

  • to inform the Government NL’s Independent Panel for the Review of Hydraulic Fracturing prior to that panel's announcement in October, 2015.
  • to share information and carry out further research into the health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, particularly as these relate to proposed oil exploration in Western NL.
  • to explore funding opportunities and collaborative partnerships towards future research.

Overview of Meetings


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